Travel Essentials

This page is dedicated to quality travel products that I love. In addition to those products there is a range of products that I bring on nearly all of my travels. The common denominator for these products is that they need not be of high quality so I am not recommending a specific product. I am however linking to a specific product for your convenience.

Wool base layers/thermals

If you trying to go light woolen underwear is key. Are you going hiking, but is uncertain of how hot it will be? What if your hotel in India turns out to be freezing cold in the winter? Are you uncertain about how much physical activity you will be doing? Wool underwear will help you solve these issues and does not start smelling after a single use.

You can nearly always do without the woolen underwear, but the alternative is to take a chance or it is cloths that weight and take up considerably more space.

One good thing about wool underwear is that you do not really need to spend on quality. If you make sure that it is 100% merino wool, and this must not be compromised, the brand really do not matter. If it is worn does not really matter like it does for a wind or water proof jacket. The effect of wool is equivalent to the area it covers, so a few holes does not make any difference. My favourite pair of wool underwear is from 2001. It still does the jobb skiing in Norway, has been with me across the globe and to the roof of Africa, Kilimanjaro (2013).

The basics you need are leggings, a long sleeve and a pair of socks. If you love them you will want to pick up a boxer shorts or hipster as well.

It is not easy to ensure that you get 100% wool underwear when shopping online, but if you shop from the following brands the wool percentage is clearly marked and for most products it is 100%.




Luggage scale

Weight is always of the essence. If you trying to travel the world with only hand luggage, want to know exactly how much you can shop on your weekend trip to New York or simply want to minimise weight for your next alpine expeditions does not matter. Your life will be easier with a luggage scale. Any light and cheap luggage weight will do.

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale


Water bottle

Of course if you are into camel backs and similar products then this is not for you, but if you wish to live light and cheap then you cannot go around paying more for a water bottle than you do for a bottle of soda (which is a bargain as you get the soda as well!). I have in fact been seen buying a soda bottle only to pour out the content. If you got a bottle made of thick plastic you can even put hot water in it, wrap a towel around it and let it keep you warm in your sleeping bag or bed.


Microfiber towel

A big and nice towel is a luxury one should leave at home when traveling on a weight budget. A microfiber towel dries faster, packs smaller and weights far less. With a microfiber towel in your luggage you are ready to take a swim when you get the chance, you do not have to shell out for towel at hostels and on treks the choice of towel is easy.

Which microfiber towel you choose is up to you. You can get them from anywhere, but these towels from Dock and Bay are large and good looking.

Dock and Bay Micro Fiber Beach Towel and Pouch