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The daypack

Topo Designs’ Daypack is a backpack for everyday use with a slim figure compared to the packing volume. It stands out among the mountain of available daypacks out there. There are two main reasons that the bulk of them are not the ultimate tools for living light and traveling cheap:

– Low quality. This means in general that the zippers are not quality YKK zippers and that the fabric or stitching is low quality. For fabric Cordura® is often a sign of high quality and the ultimate example of looks over quality is any type of leather details on parts of the backpack that face wear. It will look worn before you even start to really like the backpack.

– Space consuming functionality. Any backpack with a dedicated computer compartment with padding is a waste of space. If you really want good and lightweight protection of your computer you should pick up a nice case. Cote et Cieal got some neoprene diver sleeves that I have had great experience with. You will curse the padding every day you go anywhere without your computer – and remember, the key goal is equipment and gear that can do multiple  tasks and that way let you live light and travel cheap. Any additional pockets are just as bad.. The worst type are backpacks with two main pockets which means that you will never get anyhing big into either. The next worst are smaller pockets that protrude from the backpack. They might look practical, but the goal is always to let the entire available space be used for one big item such as that down jacket or a different large item you sometimes got to carry around. The best backpacks solve this easily by having flat pockets that only take up valuable packing volume while in use.

I have fallen in love with my Topo designs Daypack. It fullfills all of these requirements and it has proven durable as my only daypack since I bought it in 2013. I have brought it with me across the globe and due to the efficient design the amount of stuff that can be put in it is extraordinary. On weekend trips I rarely need anything more.

From my research it appears that you should expect the same quality from the rest of Topo Designs’ gear and clothing. Topo Designs is a part of a growing band of brands that are proud of producing all their products in the USA. I am not convinced that “made in the USA” guarantees anything, but it is clear beyond any doubt that Topo Designs got full control of the quality of any product that they ship.

I use this backpack everyday so you got any questions about it, let me know and I’ll answer your questions and update this section to better answer the question for the next guy that comes around looking for information about the Topo Designs Daypack.


The Topo Designs Daypack is available in several colour options on Amazon:
Topo Designs Daypack Red/Navy

Topo Designs Daypack Forest/Red

Topo Designs Daypack Navy




Goruck’s GR1 Rucksack

The GR1 Rucksack is well known for its durability simple and slick design. I have did not choose it when I was last looking for a backpack because it looks a little to rough for mye tast. If you are not put off by the slightly military look it got raving reviews across the internet for its quality and smart design.

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