Great travels are about who you meet and where you go. To be able to go on frequent travels one needs inspiration, time and finances. From travels to more than 40 countries across the globe I provide input to help you with all three:

  • Inspiration: Both before and during trips good travel novels give you inspiration to seek new adventures. Of course inspiration is also easily found across travel magazines, blogs a guide books, but this wast field of ever changing information will not be covered on vandrer.com.
  • Time: By owning certain key items you are ready for new travels in minutes.
  • Finances: There whole industry telling you that you need to go out an by special clothes, special gear and gadgets for all your travels. You don’t. The amount of gear you need that is travel specific is extremely limited. The key items outlined on Vandrer.com are divided into two categories: Quality gear and travel essentials.
    • Quality gear are items I use on my travels which get a regular beating. To buy low quality items instead of these is a bad idea as you will have to replace them soon and potentially run into problems during your travels.
    • Travel essentials are items which will make your travels easier, but which will not get particular wear meaning that you are wasting you money if you choose to buy these items from anyone except the cheapest of brands.

I hope that my experience which I have distilled down to a handfull of suggestions in the fields of travel gear, gadgets and novels will help you on your future travels.

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